Benefits of a Prenuptial Marriage Agreement

20 Great Reasons for a Prenup.

A prenuptial agreement is one of the most effective ways to enhance the intention of a happily ever after marriage. The process of disclosure and negotiation grounds your relationship in trust and reality so romance can thrive! Most couples feel like the process of sorting through the scenarios inherent in a prenup brought them even closer.

1. Stipulate separate property.
2. Consciously confront your fears.
3. Tailor the state law to fit your life.
4. Protect items of sentimental value.
5. Major issues dealt with in advance.
6. Discuss lifestyles and spending habits.
7. Establish a precedent for how to dialogue.
8. Eliminate uncertainty and unpredictability.
9. Set the guidelines and rules for the partnership.
10. Understand each other’s tolerance for indebtedness.
11. Consider the number of children or children’s issues.
12. Peace of mind that your marriage is off to a good start.
13. Consider savings, college tuition, and retirement accounts.
14. Promote openness, honesty, and a free exchange of information.
15. Rationally articulate expectations, dreams, and goals for the marriage.
16. Create a positive atmosphere to dialogue, handle disputes, and sensitive issues.
17. Disclose each other’s assets and liabilities and ground the relationship in reality.
18. Insulate each other from debts, loans, gambling, credit cards, or support obligations from a previous marriage.
19. Establish compensation for career suspension, raising a family, or supporting a spouse in professional school.
20. Avoid litigation and public disclosure, and, reduce legal fees in the event of divorce.


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