Do I Need A Prenup Quiz

If you answer yes to any of the questions below, you need a prenup. Call now to schedule your consultation and learn how to best protect your assets.

  • Do you wish to keep your income separate, combined, or some of each?

  • Do you have your own business?

  • Are you thinking about starting a business?

  • Do you want to keep your retirement savings separate?

  • Do you have debt that you are bringing to the marriage?

  • Do you have real property (residence or other real estate) or personal property that you are bringing to the marriage?

  • Are you expecting an inheritance?

  • Are you willing to disclose your financial health and information to your future spouse?

  • Will you be blending families upon marriage?

  • Do you want to avoid litigation and reduce legal fees in the event of divorce?

Prenuptial Agreement After Marriage

Do I Need a Prenup?

Sometimes there are ways to solve an issue that don’t involve the complexity, time, or expense of drafting a contract. It’s possible that whatever you’re concerned about is already addressed in the state statues, or, can be handled by another approach. For example, if you’re concerned about protecting an inheritance, a prenup is likely not needed. Inherited property in Texas always has a separate property character before or after marriage. One party can intentionally gift away the property but it otherwise belongs solely to the person who inherited it. There may be other issues in this scenario, however, that would require a marital contract, such as, whether there will be any income generated or derived from this separate property. If so, this income is considered community property and a prenup would be necessary to keep it separate.

Another common issue for couples concerns the income earned during marriage. In Texas, if you don’t wish to share your income with your spouse during marriage, you’ll need a prenup.

These are just a couple of the many examples why you should discuss your personal circumstances about what to include in a prenup during an initial consult with Cindy.


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