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TX Premarital Agreement Lawyer

Deciding whether a prenuptial agreement is right for you is only the first step. Finding an experienced Houston prenup attorney who can tailor a plan to your needs is equally essential.

I am Texas premarital agreement lawyer Cindy K. Hide, and from my offices in Houston, I have been helping couples with their premarital planning for years.

Protect Your Family With a Prenup

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Dedicated to family law, my firm focuses on helping Texas couples develop effective prenuptial agreements. Using a common sense approach, my goal is to find practical solutions for all aspects of your case. I will take a comprehensive look at your needs, anticipate potential issues and find the best possible solutions. I consistently review the latest case law regarding prenuptial agreements so you enjoy the benefit of avoiding problems before they occur while incorporating the most innovative ways to approach simple and complex matters.

With over twenty-five years of combined business, political and legal experience, I know how to gently yet firmly negotiate and manage complex or emotionally charged transactions. I understand how these factors work individually, and more importantly, how they may come into play while drafting a prenuptial agreement in anticipation of your marriage.

I also bring a personal perspective to everything I do. I have been married and I have children. I know the importance of protecting the people you love and having a backup plan for the future. Whether you want to develop the right marriage agreement or you have other family law concerns, I can help.

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While my Houston office is open during weekly business hours, I am also available to meet with clients on evenings and weekends by appointment. To schedule a case evaluation, contact my office online or call 713-623-4433 today.

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